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Fabric Production

All of our fabrics go through a process to out-turn a best quality garment.We use combed yarn of superior quality from top mills since several years and we knit custom made clothes with modern machines which are capable of providing the most intricate design/patterns. Best quality dying and bleaching techniques are used to achieve the desired outcome. All our fabrics go for compacting in order to control GSM, width and shrinkage based on the varying needs of every client.

Fabric Cutting

This is one of most integral departments of a manufacturing unit. Our infrastructure and techniques enable us to cut all kinds of fabrics.

We ensure minimum wastage of fabrics by ensuring that they are handled by specially skilled cutters and automatic cutting machine. We also have the capability to dye cut parts or cut small parts using a band knife. We keep cutting fabrics in smaller batches which makes the further process of quality check easier and helps us produce high-quality garments

Garment Detailing

It is one of the special tasks which is done according to the buyer’s requirements.

With a team of trained professionals and modern machines, we can add value to any and all kinds of fabrics with intricate detailing from embroidery to patch work and applique work. We have an extensive quality check process all throughout the production phase to ensure optimum utilization of resources and minimum wastage and defects.

Sewing / Stitching

A full team of experienced tailors and an entire stock of the best sewing machine allows us to offer efficient and fast stitching of garments for both small and bulk order, with a wide range of stitching styles to choose from that cater to the needs of clients internationally.

We follow the process of assembly line manufacturing to ensure swift production of bulk orders, with careful attention paid to inspection and high quality control checks during and after production. In-line quality inspection means inspecting garment at the time of production, so that any defect occurring may be located at the earlier stage which also keeps the garment defects rate at minimal. And end line quality inspection is done at our stitching factory to address quality issues post-production.


Every manufactured garment goes through a thorough process of finishing executed by a dedicated team.

This is aimed at improving the appearance of the garment and add the finishes touches such as pressing, thread cutting, initial checking etc. In case any inconsistencies are found, it is either immediately rectified or in cases of unfixable damage, the product is marked as rejected. Ironing is the most traditional form of providing creases and removing the unwanted ones from the garment and give it a pleasant and a finished look.

Quality Control

Quality is Priority.

Our quality team is vigilant at every step throughout the process, right from procurement of raw materials, till the time the product is ready to be shipped. The products cross multi-level quality checkpoints before reaching to the buyer to ensure that there is no fault exists in the garment. At every critical stage, that the quality is under control and checked to mark the standards set and approved by the clients.

Packing and Dispatch

The very last step in the process is Garment packaging which includes wrapping, compressing, filling or creating of goods for the purpose of protection and their appropriate handling.

This is the final process in the production of garments, which prepares the finished merchandise for delivery to the customer. We delicately pack every garment in standardised packaging with designated tags and markings to prepare for dispatch.
We are happy to incorporate any custom packing instruction that a client may request in advance. With a network across the globe, Smart Knitwear ships worldwide.

In- house sampling department

We’re equipped and skilled to turn your concept into reality.

A dedicated sampling department allows us to to offer the most cost effective packages that are mutually beneficial. Every inquiry that is received is forwarded to the sampling department who creates a sample, based on the details of which we share the exact cost of the custom clothing supplies to offer superior quality at best prices.

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